More Norman Previews Gather From Victrix Team

September 24, 2019 by brennon

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Victrix has been showing off another of the Normans they have in the works for their newest Dark Age kit. It looks like we're going to be getting the same mass of bits and pieces that we've seen from Victrix in the past where there are all sorts of combinations for you to work with.

Norman Unarmoured Render - Victrix

This set shows another of the unarmoured warriors you'll be able to use to put together the core of your force. One thing I like here, at least from what we're seeing with the renders, is that the fabric has plenty of folds and depth to it. It means that when you're painting them up you can work from a base through to a wash and then a highlight to give some additional detail to the miniatures.

The next figure in the set is going to be based on this concept art.

Norman Unarmoured Concept - Victrix

So, we're going to be seeing another angry looking fellow, bellowing out a warcry as he gets stuck into combat. The head options we've seen so far have had quite the grim determined look so it's good to see someone who has let the bloodlust go to their head.

It's also neat to note that we're seeing a lot of different shield designs too. Whilst we've obviously got the classic Norman kite shield there are also some round ones in there too.

What do you make of their new Norman previews?

"'s good to see someone who has let the bloodlust go to their head"

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