North Star Send Human Soldiers To Fight In Oathmark

July 9, 2018 by dracs

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North Star Military Figures have previewed the first set of plastic human soldiers which will soon be marching their way across Oathmark: Battles of a Lost Age.

From the humans we see here, it looks like the set is going to have plenty of variety and individuality among the soldiers.

Oathmark Swordsman Big

Oathmark Axeman Big

Oathmark Archer Big

Oathmark Spearman Big

To my eye, these soldiers appear quite grizzled, veterans of many fights. It's a look that suggests a lot of story to them, while the variety of equipment on display gives a good idea of what we can expect to see in the kit itself.

There is this model which will be available as a limited edition pre-order bonus figure when the plastic box goes live. It is the character that was used as the basis for the plastic range going forward.

Oathmark Painted Human Exclusive

He'd make a perfect leader for your unit that would stand out from the other models on the tabletop.

Which Oathmark faction catches your eye?

"These soldiers appear quite grizzled, veterans of many fights."

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