North Star Paint Up Newest Rangers Of Shadow Deep Foes

June 7, 2019 by brennon

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North Star Military Figures has now painted up the models that they've shown off already this week. Check out the Tomb Guardian and Skeleton which will no doubt be finding their way into your scenarios within Rangers Of Shadow Deep.

Temple Guardian - North Star Military Figures

The first foes, this Tomb Guardian gives you a dangerous cultist foe that you'll run into during your adventures. You can tell that this fellow has been hacking and slashing his way through his enemies for a while thanks to that battered axe.

Deeper down within the catacombs you might instead bump into one of these deadly Skeletons.

Skelelton - North Star Military Figures

Skeletons are a great fixture of pretty much any Fantasy world and once again we're getting a look at someone who may at one point have been a cultist too.

I once ran a cool campaign where one of the encounters involved a room full of skeletons. There were blue crystals gently emanating a glow around the room which the adventurers thought were lights, to begin with. As the skeletons kept reanimating they soon realised these were powerful stones that kept the skeletons coming back, a defence put in place by those who kept this shadowy domain. It was a lot of fun seeing them work it out!

What do you make of them now they have been painted?

"What do you make of them now they have been painted?"

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