North Star Take Pre-Orders For Oathmark Revenant Infantry

June 9, 2021 by brennon

North Star Military Figures are now taking pre-orders for the new 28mm Oathmark Revenant Infantry for use in Osprey Games' mass battle Fantasy wargame.

Painted Revenants - Oathmark

Painted Revenants // Oathmark

This new set of plastic miniatures allows you to build thirty infantry for your Oathmark armies. Your undead warriors, summoned to war by kings and heroes, can be armed with hand weapons and shields or two-handed weapons. You've also got the options to make officers and banner bearers for your units.

Think of these warriors as entombed warriors called to fight by the likes of Aragorn rather than shambling constructs animated by a necromancer's magic. I like the look which is once again very Tolkienesque. Quite fitting considering the theme behind them.

Revenant Characters

As well as the plastic kit, you'll also be able to pick up some metal figures too. There are at least three new metal characters on the way.

Revenant Characters - Oathmark

Revenant Characters // Oathmark

Once again, loving the look and these would make excellent leaders and champions for your armies. It would be great to see how people attempt painting these miniatures. You could go for the scheme above but I reckon they would look even better with plenty of dirt, grime and rusted armour.

Could you be tempted by some Revenants for your Oathmark army?

"I reckon they would look even better with plenty of dirt, grime and rusted armour..."

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