Add Numidians & War Elephants To Mortem Et Gloriam Armies

April 16, 2021 by brennon

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The Plastic Soldier Company has added a few little additions to their Mortem Et Gloriam range over the last few weeks which you might have missed. Namely, we had some Numidian Cavalry and Elephants for you to start bringing in to oppose the forces of Rome!

Numidian Cavalry - Mortem et Gloriam

Numidian Cavalry // Mortem Et Gloriam

This Numidian Cavalry element comes from the pre-existing Corvus Belli collection but has been updated from metal and is now available in their Ultracast material. This set comes with sixteen models in a variety of poses which can be used to make your skirmishing force of cavalry on the tabletop.

The Numidians would have found themselves fighting as their own entity against the forces of the Ancient world but more often than not they were drafted in as mercenaries and auxiliary for other armies. As incredibly well-trained horsemen they would be a great screening or skirmishing force to help put a pin in your oppositions advance.

Ancient Tanks

As well as the Numidian Cavalry, the Carthaginians can now also call on a set of War Elephants.

Carthaginian Elephants - Mortem et Gloriam

Carthaginian Elephants // Mortem Et Gloriam

Again, the two miniatures in this pack are based on the metal miniatures by Corvus Belli. The Ultracast pack comes with two War Elephants in addition to the crew that are driving these ancient "tanks" into battle.

Elephants were a little bit of a double-edged sword in battle. Sure, they were good for causing havoc and scaring the enemy away but an organised force could easily deal with them. Projectiles aimed up at their drivers and the faces of the elephants could send them into a panic and they could easily smash their way through your ranks as well as the intended target.

If you're looking for some more Ancient elements to help build up your armies then these would be worth taking a peek at.

Are you going to be snapping them up?

"Elephants were a little bit of a double-edged sword in battle..."

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