Oathsworn Show Off New Mouse For Burrows & Badgers Supplement

April 16, 2020 by brennon

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With The Warren Percy Affair supplement coming soon for Burrows & Badgers, Oathsworn Miniatures sneaked us a look at a new character which is joining the cast alongside its release. Meet Rosalee Quickpaw who seems quite deadly indeed!

Rosalee Quickpaw - Oathsworn Miniatures

Rosalee Quickpaw is one of the new characters in the book who are known as Freelances. Anyone who has played games like Mordheim or Necromunda will know about the idea of hiring named characters to fight alongside your warband and give you a bit of a boost! Well, Rosalee here is a deadly addition to any warband with her razor-sharp fans which are good at dealing with miscreants who cross her path!

You can check out her rules below which were previewed alongside the model. I do like the idea of adding her into a warband which lacks in the melee department, surprising your opponents when this rather small and sweet package suddenly explodes in a whirlwind of fans!

Roselee Quickpaw Rules - Oathsworn Miniatures

It seems like The Warren Percy Affair and associated Freelances rules won't be far away. It will give me an excuse to end up buying more from Oathsworn and perhaps putting together a few games with friends once isolation is over!

Another great looking model and a chance to dive in and explore more campaign options when playing Burrows & Badgers. Also, today is the day I wrote my first review for Burrows & Badgers here on the site which you can read HERE!

You can also join a very friendly community for Burrows & Badgers over on Facebook HERE.

Are you tempted by this new supplement and Rosalee?

"Are you tempted by this new supplement and Rosalee?"

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