More Surly Ogres Stomp Into Rangers Of Shadow Deep

April 23, 2020 by brennon

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North Star Military Figures recently revealed that they have got a bunch of new miniatures in the running for Fantasy skirmisher Rangers Of Shadow Deep. Their first preview for the new wave was another grumpy looking Ogre.

Rangers Ogre - North Star Military Figures

Here is some of the background for the Ogres from the world of Rangers Of Shadow Deep...

"Ogres are large, primitive humanoids. While not inherently evil, they have a tendency towards violence and cruelty which makes them extremely susceptible to the corrupting influence of the Shadow Deep. Although dim by human standards, they are capable of complex thoughts, can formulate and follow plans, and even work within an organization. All of this makes them ideal shock troops in the armies of evil."

These particular fellows are included within a number of different scenarios for the game. They are big and brutal creatures to try and tackle but when you've got a band of companions at your side, maybe you'll be able to bring them down.

Rangers Ogre Alt - North Star Military Figures

As well as the grim-looking Ogre here, the team are also working on a number of additional characters too. A few more heroes and dramatis personae also look to be making an appearance. So, if you've got deeper into Rangers Of Shadow Deep then you might find characters that you recognise.

We shall be keeping an eye out for what is coming up next as we do rather like this range!

"We shall be keeping an eye out for what is coming up next as we do rather like this range!"

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