Get A Dose Of Old School Swedish RPG With Modiphius’ Fantasy!

November 21, 2019 by brennon

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Modiphius is getting stuck into some old school gaming with options to pick up the new English rules for Fantasy!, one of Swedens best selling roleplaying games available in both print and digital mediums.

Fantasy Old School Gaming - Modiphius

The idea with this game, originally by Tomas Arfert and translated into proper English by Chris Gonnerman and James Lemon is that it goes back to a time where the rules were easier, the combat was more brutal and things could be tweaked and twisted to fit what you wanted from your games.

Whilst this is quite the claim considering the toolbox of options available in pretty much all RPGs this does sound like fun and it might be a nice pick for the grognards out there who want something a little more pure and akin to the old days of Dungeons & Dragons. The artwork certainly looks the part.

Fantasy Old School Gaming Art - Modiphius

The game boasts easy and fast to learn rules for beginners who want to delve into roleplaying games for the first time and also veterans who want to skip past all the rules-heavy systems out there. The focus is on telling a good story rather than simulating reality which is always nice to hear.

One of the core rules in the game is that any rule can be cancelled and changed by the Games Master if they so desire if it improves the game feel. Rules are there as a framework and help both sides of the table to tell a fun story.

Could this tempt you?

"Rules are there as a framework and help both sides of the table to tell a fun story..."

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