Onyx Path Kickstart Pugmire Card Game Fetch Quest

May 27, 2018 by dracs

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Onyx Path Publishing have launched a kickstarter for Fetch Quest, a co-operative card game set in the world of Pugmire.

In Fetch Quest, players take on the role of Pioneers, brave canine adventurers working for the betterment of Pugmire.

Together, they build their decks of cards to overcome the various dangers that lurk in this post-mankind world.

Pugmire is one of those game settings that I always think has a fun balance of epic action and wry humour.

The idea of a card game based in that world is a fun one, giving players a new way to experience those adventures and see if they can be a Good Dog.

Best of all, a print-on-demand version is already available to those who chip in on the Kickstarter, meaning you can give it a go.

Is this a game you fancy chipping in on.

"[Fetch Quest gives] players a new way to see if they can be a Good Dog."

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