Paranoid Miniatures Shows Off Something Big For Mythos’ Priory Faction

October 19, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

Without divulging too many details (and there are many, and they are AWESOME), Paranoid Miniatures has been tirelessly, working away in the background on their upcoming game, Mythos. You might remember a relatively recent Twitch session with Russ Charles, where got a glimpse about the creative construction process involved in breathing life into a miniature from its artwork - this preview is a first time look at the render for their Marharal, the Sand Golem!

Marahal pic

This big guy will be the Myth model for the Priory, Myth being one of the model types in each faction. Marharal will sit atop at 50mm base, and his sole purpose is to protect his Priory.

The Earth Awakens

With but a touch of the blessed clay it takes form.

A blend of two cultures that were once bitter enemies.

A myth brought to life.

A creature of singular purpose.

To protect the Priory.

Against any and all.

Marahal the Sand Golem.

Keep in mind that the primary force at work within the world of Mythos is Madness. It is the Madness that can drastically change the playstyle of your characters as the game's events unfold. Some will stand tall under it's pressure, and others will crumble. You may find yourself in perfect control of your game one minute, and wandering aimlessly the next.

What I can tell you is this - at the present, each faction will come with five models: a Leader, two unique Followers, a Familiar and a Myth. All of these models will feature alternative stats to represent the Madness, so players may find themselves playing their characters differently throughout a game according to the circumstances.

It sounds like the alpha testing has been very successful an soon the game will make it into beta.

Mythos is coming...and so is the Madness.

Are you looking forward to this innovative and creative game?

"...each faction will come with five models: a Leader, two unique Followers, a Familiar and a Myth"

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