Perry Announce Austrian Cavalry Release At Salute 2020

February 18, 2020 by brennon

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Perry Miniatures has been showing off some work on their new plastic kit which is going to be coming to Salute 2020. The Austrian Cavalry are going to be riding into battle and Alan Perry even started things off by painting up some of the 3Up models which then developed into the regular 28mm kit.

Austrian Cavalry 3Up - Perry Miniatures

The options in the kit will allow you to build up a band of regular riders plus also some command options too. I really like seeing some of these larger than life models that have been tinkered with by the team and it's pretty awesome seeing someone tackle them with a splash of paint.

Austrian Cavalry 3Up Alt - Perry Miniatures

But, as mentioned above, the actual plastic figures are going to be available for you to check out at Salute 2020. Here is a little peek at what you get on the sprue which, in typical Perry Miniatures fashion, gives you plenty of different options.

Austrian Cavalry Plastic Sprue - Perry Miniatures

Plenty of swords are on show alongside a range of different heads and bodies. I like that you've got a healthy selection of arms which are holding their swords out in front for when they are in the midst of a charge. Dynamism and action is always good to see in a unit on the tabletop.

Are you tempted by these new plastics from the Perry twins?

"Are you tempted by these new plastics from the Perry twins?"

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