Peter’s Paperboys Preview New Arthurian Releases Soon!

August 23, 2022 by brennon

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Peter Dennis and Peter's Paperboys have been previewing a new set of releases coming to their webstore soon. They are going to be exploring the Arthurian age and the battles between the Romano-British and the invading Saxons from across the seas.

Arthurians - Peters Paperboys

Arthurian Range // Peter's Paperboys

The collection will feature plenty of warriors from both sides of this conflict allowing you to add a Historical twist to the myths and legends of Arthur. I do hope that we're going to be seeing those big characters in the mix as well like Arthur, Merlin, the "Knights" and Guinevere.

Another fun thing about working with paper is that you can tinker with the scale of the miniatures. Some recent previews have shown off the 28mm, 20mm and 15mm versions of these soldiers.

Arthurians Scale Comparison - Peters Paperboys

Arthurian Scale Comparison // Peter's Paperboys

There are plenty of great games to play with these miniatures and it's always nice to see more of Peter Dennis' art out there in the wild. Make sure to keep an eye on their webstore as this is looking like a particularly nice range.

Are you tempted by paper-based Arthurian warfare?

"Some recent previews have shown off the 28mm, 20mm and 15mm versions of these soldiers..."

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