Yar Be A Good Sea Dog In Pirates Of Pugmire

May 23, 2019 by dracs

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A new Kickstarter has launched for Pirates of Pugmire, the first supplement in Onyx Path's fantasy game series set in the Realms of Pugmire.

Pirates of Pugmire is a sourcebook compatible with the Pugmire and Monarchies of Mau corebooks. This new addition to designer Eddy Webb's world takes players to the Acid Sea, exploring the waters in search of adventure, treasure, and undiscovered lands.

It brings with it new rules for building, sailing, and sinking ships, new allies and enemies with which to fill the Acid Seas, new settings like Waterdog Port and Port Matthew, and the "Going on Account" chronicle, taking characters through from their early beginnings to level six.

Perhaps most exciting is the addition of rules for playing as birds and reptiles,

This opens the game up to some pretty fun characters and gives you more of an opportunity to let your imagination run rampant.

I will admit, I have already pledged for this myself. Pugmire is a game whose appeal has been slowly growing on me and the chance for some swashbuckling pirate fun was the final straw. However, the best part has been coming up with pun pirate names.

Will I play as the one-winged, hook-clawed Captain Rook? The former doctor turned legendary privateer Captain Bloodhound? Or the scourge of the high seas, the dreaded Captain Pugwash?

You can find out more about this new addition over on the Kickstarter.

What Pugmire suitable pirate names can you come up with?

"[Play as] the scourge of the high seas, the dreaded Captain Pugwash! "

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