Help Plant Trees With New Q-Workshop Australian Wildlife Dice

February 13, 2020 by brennon

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Q-Workshop are continuing to help support the plight of wildlife in Australia with their new Wildlife Dice Set. Created in conjunction with One Tree Planted, you can snag yourself a set of rather fancy looking dice which will help rebuild the habitats destroyed by the fires that have raged over the country.

Australian Wildlife Dice Set - Q-Workshop

The set comes with seven dice, each one showing a different animal iconic to Australia. On the d4 you've got a cassowary, on the d6 is a koala, the d8 shows a penguin, the d10 has a black cockatoo on it, a d100 shows off a platypus, a d12 gets the possum into the mix and finally the d20 features the blessed kangaroo!

Australian Wildlife Dice Full - Q-Workshop

You'll also note that the dice have been designed to look like signs from the Australian highway which is rather fun. They are also incredibly clear and easy to read which is perfect for a set of dice when you're roleplaying.

"The whole amount will be donated to One Tree Planted to finance planting the new groves. Every one dollar will be changed into one tree. Let’s plant the forest together!"

You can also decide to snap up the dice at either the Firefighter, Tree Planter or Hero level. There is nothing different between the sets and it is simply a way for you to pledge more money to the cause if you feel like it. So, if you fancy getting a set of stylish dice and helping out the Australian wildlife then this might be for you.

What do you think of the set?

"Every one dollar will be changed into one tree. Let’s plant the forest together!"

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