Pre-Order TTCombat’s Dive Back Into Dropzone Commander

March 10, 2020 by brennon

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The folks at TTCombat are focusing on re-releasing a bunch of goodies for the world of Dropzone Commander. You can now pre-order a new Rulebook and a Two-Player Starter Set to get you going in the game ahead of a release on March 13th.

Dropzone Commander Rulebook - TTCombat

This small-format rulebook comes in at sixty-four pages and contains the 2.1 version of the Dropzone rules by David J Lewis and Lewis Clarke. It will contain all of the rules you need to build your forces, deploy them and getting battling in hopes of reconquest. A few small tweaks here and there have been done to make the game faster and more enjoyable to play.

Inside the book, you're going to find the rules for Dropzone Commander, Behemoths, special rules, four different scenarios to play, tactics on army composition, a quick reference section and lots of background on the Dropzone universe so you can choose just the right army!

Two-Player Starter Set

And, if you really want to just get stuck in then you can pick up the new book and two armies to play with right away.

Dropzone Commander Two Player Set - TTCombat

Here you get the rulebook that we've talked about above plus an army for the UCM and the Scourge. The majority of the force is made up of plastic miniatures but you'll also find resin commander figures who can lead the way.

Plus, you can even get your hands on a bunch of gaming aids which are all important for when you're getting stuck into the midst of combat.

If you didn't play Dropzone Commander before, this is a pretty good entry point for the game by TTCombat...

"If you didn't play Dropzone Commander before, this is a pretty good entry point for the game by TTCombat..."

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