Prepare to Face the Might of the Indian Raj in Dystopian Wars

July 9, 2014 by dracs

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Spartan Games have released two new starter sets for the armies of  the Kingdom of Britannian's latest dominion; the Indian Raj.

Indian Raj Naval Battle Group

Indian Raj Armoured Battle Group

The Indian Raj is the richest of the Kingdom of Britannian's dominions, and as such has mighty armoured force of its own, led by commanders both Britannian and domestic. This melding of cultures is immediately noticeable in the miniatures themselves, which feature the basic Britannion hull designs, but mixed with Indian architecture and some even bigger guns!

Dystopian Wars is rapidly growing as a game with ever more diverse and interesting factions being introduced into the world. It gives the sense of a living, breathing environment where nations are in constant conflict. The addition of a Britannian dominion might seem a bit repetitive, just providing a new take on an old faction, but the style of the miniatures show off the nation's background brilliantly and should be both an interesting force in its own right and a possible addition to larger Britannian fleets.

Which Dystopian Wars nations do you sail with?

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