More Previews Pop Up For Bad Squiddo’s Shieldmaiden Kickstarter

January 8, 2018 by brennon

As a reminder make sure to keep an eye out for Bad Squiddo Games' upcoming Kickstarter, Freyja's Wrath, which will be bringing a whole bunch of new Shieldmaiden miniatures into the mix allowing you to run full warbands of them on the battlefield.


Here we got a peek at one of the hero characters, Dagmar, that you'll be able to pick up during the campaign. She certainly seems like a heroic and inspiring leader to have at the forefront of your force.

We also got a look at some of the Crossbow-wielding Shieldmaidens.

Shieldmaiden Crossbows

Offering up some much needed ranged support to cover your advancing warriors these should be a welcome addition to the mix of models that will be hitting on 23rd January via Kickstarter.

This could be a very tempting Kickstarter to jump in on.

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"This could be a very tempting Kickstarter to jump in on..."

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