Prince Erlykan The Damned Wars For Control From Lucid Eye

January 2, 2020 by brennon

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Lucid Eye is diving back into the world of The Red Book Of The Elf King, a game penned by Rick Priestley, with the model for Prince Erlykan The Damned.

Prince Erlykan The Damned - Lucid Eye

This new Fae Elf steps into the story of The Elf King and tells the third story as Fimbulwinter grips the realm and Hel threatens to encroach upon all that the clans hold dear. This fascinating world and range features a wonderful collection of miniatures which represent Elves as they should be, Fae and alien and with a hint of the Nordic Sagas about them too.

Inspiration has certainly come from the Dark Age stories for this game and range and the new model certainly shows off what Lucid Eye can do! Steve Saleh has done another sterling job on this model and it reminds me to go back and dig out all those models I have somewhere so I can look at getting them to the tabletop.

What do you make of this winged prince?

"Steve Saleh has done another sterling job on this model..."

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