Privateer Press Send Monsterpocalypse Stomping Into Stores

October 8, 2018 by dracs

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Privateer Press have released their hotly anticipated game Monsterpocalypse into stores, letting you play out your monster vs giant mech fantasies.

The game launches with the release of the starter sets for the Protectors and the Destroyers, which you will have seen in our recent live stream games.

They each have two unit expansion sets, including some new figures that don't come in the starter sets to help you expand your forces.

Both of these add a little variety to your force, providing flexible new tactical options.

This new edition of Monsterpocalypse replaces the old blind buy system of the old version with high-quality resin figures, allowing you to collect the sort of force you want for worldwide destruction.

Does Monsterpocalypse catch your eye?

"Collect the sort of force you want for worldwide destruction."

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