Privateer Press Release New Monsterpocalypse Miniatures

March 20, 2019 by cassn

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Privateer Press have released a new series of terrific terrors for the hit tabletop game Monsterpocalypse. The announcement sees two new buildings and two new monsters rage onto the streets, causing chaos and destruction in their wake.


First up is Yasheth, a Lord of Cthul entity of negation and death. This monster transforms the world around it into whatever horror the Cthul see as paradise, and even its shrieks are known to provoke madness from his victims.


Perhaps this invoker of antilife found his way into the world through the Void Gate, a wound in the very fabric of the space-time continuum. Earth's defenders must aim to destroy these reality warping gates as soon as possible, lest other horrors begin to climb through the abyss.


Of course, it is not simply the Lords of Cthul which earthly defenders must contend with, and sometimes even those who have banded together to help earth can cause destruction in their wake. While the Terrasaurs have agreed to help defend the planet, Armodax has a clubbed tail with a mind of its own. With heavy armoured plating, Armodax is a valuable ally with unstoppable force- just make sure there's been a thorough evacuation before you unleash his full ferocity!


As if Armodax wasn't already powerful enough, Mount Terra ensures that the clumsy collaborator will be at full strength. No one really understands why these volcanic eruptions occur around Terrasaurs, however, what they do know is that the monsters become invigorated around their presence, even utilizing the heat to speed up the hatching of their eggs.

These are some really cool releases from Privateer Press - I'm a big dinosaur nerd (I'm also just a big nerd in general) so I love the idea of a big, clumsy Armodax already! Head over to Privateer Press now to get yours!

The dumbest dino is assumed to be a Stegosaurus, which only had the brain the size of a walnut. What is your favourite dinosaur/dinosaur fact? Tell me below!

"New monsters rage onto the streets, causing chaos and destruction in their wake!"

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