Prodos’ Alien Vs Predator Miniatures Head To Titan Games

May 5, 2014 by brennon

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Prodos Games took their finalised Alien Vs Predator miniatures funded by Kickstarter to Titan Games in Lichfield and we've got a whole bunch of images of them thanks to GMorts Chaotica...

Queen Vs Power Loader

Alien Stalker

Alien Queen

Alien Praetorian

Alien Infant

Alien Crusher

First off we have the Aliens themselves and there are plenty of epic looking xenomorphs for you to enjoy. I particularly like that they have included the Alien Crusher from the latest Colonial Marines game, even if the game itself was terrible the monster was awesome.

Predator Berserker


On the Predator side of things we not only have this look at the Predator Berserker but also the hybrid from one of the later Predator films, the Predalien. Once again some very cool looking stuff but the Aliens are still the mega-stars at the moment!

Power Loader

Dutch Shaefer

Lin Kurosawa


Here's where I start to get a little unsure on the miniature front. The Aliens and Predators look awesome but the Marines aren't quite as cool looking for some reason. I think the one holding the flamer and Dutch are awesome but the rest look a bit odd to me. I think it's the stances and their arms.

Sentry Guns

Objective Marker (Skull)

Objective Marker (Bishop)

It wouldn't be an AvP game though without a bit of set dressing and they have also worked on those iconic Sentry Turrets alongside a couple of objective markers showing off a poor human skull and an android whose been torn in half. Bishop anyone?

What do you think?

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