Prodos Begin The Armoured Assault In Warzone: Resurrection

May 10, 2017 by brennon

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Prodos Games are powering up all manner of big armoured beasties for the tabletop as part of a new range of vehicles for Warzone: Resurrection. See what you make of this Armoured Assault.

Cartel Emancipator

Starting in May and working through June and July there will be a new range of flyers and vehicles which will begin to bring the pain to the world of Warzone. For example, you have the Emancipator above, a brand new vehicle for the universe which will begin strafing the tabletop from above.

Other flyers include this Cybertronic Nova here which is a hovering drone -style flyer which is armed with two massive machine guns which no doubt create quite the hum as they power up.

Cybertronic Nova

Finally, for the flyers, we also have the Mishima Dragonbikes which look exactly like you might imagine.

Mishima Dragon

This is a classic miniature which is typically old school looking in its design but given a modern twist for the tabletop. I'm not entirely sure on the look of these with those big Asian Dragon heads but maybe with a different paint scheme, they'd look awesome.

Rolling (And Crawling) Armour

Sometimes you need your vehicles to be on the ground alongside your troops. So, that's where the Imperial Capitol Bully comes in for example.

Imperial Capitol Bully

Again, this is a classic tank but it has been given a modern update and coated in guns for good measure. I think a lot of these designs feel very toy-like to me but maybe it's just the style in which they have been coloured?

The Legion are also drawing on some crazy creatures like this disturbing Wolf Spider.

Legion Wolf Spider

This is a mix of the organic and the synthetic, brought to life in a very unnatural way. Maybe with some alternative posing options, you could have this rearing up ready to strike at some poor soul beneath it.

Last but not least we have the Bauhaus Wolfclaw.

Bauhaus Wolfclaw

I think this might be my favourite vehicle from the collection. It has the big guns bit it also has a churning blade on the front for cutting down infantry AND it has some stylish soldiers riding on the back of it rather nonplussed to the danger around them.

What do you think?

"It has the big guns bit it also has a churning blade on the front for cutting down infantry..."

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