New Pulp Mini’s From Statuesque Miniatures & Pulp Alley

July 1, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Statuesque Miniatures

If you love the game Pulp Alley (and what's not to love about "villains, unexpected perils and plenty of two-fisted action"?), then get ready some more good stuff! Statuesque Miniatures is now taking pre-orders for their next 2 pulp mini's: Captain Wolf and Minerva. The mini's look awesome and come with a unique Pulp Alley character card for use in all your games.


Captain Wolf and Minerva join the Pulp Alley crew with Phantom Ace and Pulp Girl to make one serious pulp crew.


Statuesque Miniatures is offering a special right now where you can pre-order just the new 2 figures, or you can pre-order the 4 figures as a crew. The items will be available in mid-late July.

Pulp Alley crew

I'm thinking a trip to Pulp Alley might be in order. Care to join me?

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