Puppets War Unveil New Orc Warbus Miniature

June 16, 2019 by cassn

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Alright ya gitz listen up, 'ere's a shinny nu warbus for yiz te be fightin' fer! Puppets War has produced a new vehicle that will transport your biggest band of awesome orcs right into battle!


This 32mm scale Orc Warbus is cast in high-quality resin and supplied unpainted in 37 parts, which may sound like a lot, but the model can be easily assembled by any decent Orc mechanic.


My personal favourite part of the design is the gun mounted on the front turret of the bus - I can imagine a manic laughing orc firing wildly from the top as they blaze down the road.


The bulletholes really add to the salvaged feel of the bus, and the removable back allows the orcs to be transported easily on the tabletop, and provides a cool open-backed alternative design.


The Orc Warbus is currently available from Puppetswar, so rev yer engines n' call yer ork army ova to Puppetswar now!

Question: Would an Orc pirate talk like an Orc or a pirate (or both)? Comment below!

"Easily assembled by any decent Orc mechanic!"

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