Raging Heroes Introduce Two New “Toughest Girls Of The Galaxy”

December 5, 2017 by bobcockayne

The team over at Raging Heroes have a couple of incredible miniatures being added to their "The Toughest Girls Of The Galaxy" range.

Raging Heroes Jailbird Mecha TGG

First up is the "Jailbird Mecha" which the team confessed was driven by their communities wishes for an Alien Powerloader and Matrix inspired miniature.

Raging Heroes Jailbird Mecha TGG Alternative Head

Throughout the design process, Raging Heroes worked with community members to get the theme of the character right.

The final product looks outstanding and very well encapsulates the heavy-duty construction machine converted for war look.

The kit comes completely posable, with a 50mm base and three choices for the head.

Raging Heroes Asharah Full TGG

In a far more fantastical spin, their second new model is Asharah.

Raging Heroes Asharah Close TGG

Asharah comes in resin, 30mm Heroic scale and has both bare face and helmeted options.

The Dark Elves now form one of six different armies featured in The Toughest Girls Of The Galaxy I and II.

It's great to see these Kickstarter campaigns get continued support and each faction grow into it's own style.

What do you think of these ladies of the stars?

"driven by their community's wishes for an Alien Powerloader and Matrix inspired miniature"

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