Raging Heroes Lust Elves Crown Their Colossal Queen!

May 29, 2019 by cassn

Lust Elves divide their loyalties alongside their looks - a bit like high school cliques, really. Divided into separate Houses or Cults, these fractious Lust Elves are led by powerful Matriarchs which make Regina George look positively timid.


These Queens embody the spirit of their Houses, and can incarnate in various sizes. Since humans are limited in their understanding of the intricacies of this transformation, they have given three titles to the difference in size - 'Lady' for a human-sized incarnation, 'Queen' for a monstrous size, and 'Avatar' for a demonic, gigantic size.


Now, Raging Heroes have released their Avatar model of Queen Taïpahn, the matriarch of House of Venom and Slither. And, at over 9 inches tall, this cold-blooded cult leader is a tempestuous towering temptress for her clan!


Avatar Taïpahn can either be purchased individually or with a number of different fantasy sets (base not included). Head over to the Raging Heroes website now and check out this monstrous madam in her gigantic glory.

Which Lust Elf House is your favourite? Comment below!

"A tempestuous towering temptress!"

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