Raging Heroes’ Wizards Christmas Unlocks New Stretch Goals

December 8, 2020 by brennon

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If you missed the update over the weekend on Raging Heroes' Magical Wizards' Christmas then you're in for a treat when you check out what they've added into their bundle over the past few days. Loads more decorations, miniatures and more are popping up for you to 3D Print.

A Magical Wizards Christmas - Raging Heroes

A Magical Wizards' Christmas // Raging Heroes

As it stands, the funding goal was met in less than a minute and they have managed to unlock over seventeen new stretch goals over the past few days. As well as unlocking additional decorations, accessories and miniatures through simply funding the campaign, the team have also unlocked additional options through sharing the campaign on special media and more.

This is what their massive Wizard pledge option looks like now once you bring together all of the core options plus their Stretch Goals.

Wizard Pledge - Raging Heroes

Wizard Pledge // Raging Heroes

We talked more about this campaign and printed off some examples on The Weekender last week so if you're interested in learning more about the campaign you can check out the details there. For those who like their miniatures though, Raging Heroes did drop a few fun new options into the mix.

Christmas Adventurers - Raging Heroes

Christmas Adventurers // Raging Heroes

If you're looking to tell a Christmassy story on the tabletop then these miniatures might be good fun. You could use them as gaming pieces for sure or as ornaments on a tabletop gaming mantlepiece. I like the idea of painting them in these stark green, reds and whites that you see above and using them as alternative decorations!

Check Out A Wizards' Christmas

Make sure to check out the campaign on the links above. Remember that the campaign is primed and ready to deliver way ahead of Christmas so it will end on the 11th December and deliver as STL Files on the 12th December.

Are you tempted to check out this campaign for yourself?

"Remember that the campaign is primed and ready to deliver way ahead of Christmas..."

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