Battle Through The Realm Of Heavens With Deep-Cut Studio

February 27, 2020 by brennon

Deep-Cut Studio has been working on a new mat for those diving in to play games of Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar. Here we have the Realm Of Heavens mat which looks like the perfect place for you to stage a clash between two mighty armies.

Realm Of Heaven Design #1 - Deep Cut Studio

The new mat comes in a variety of different sizes as you can see above and can be made out of Cloth, Mousemat or PVC material depending on what you prefer. The design shows off a nexus of power which might be somewhere within the realm of Azyr. You could see this being a place that the Stormcast Eternal have to keep a constant eye on as the forces of Chaos try to find their way inside through nefarious means.

Realm Of Heaven Design #3 - Deep Cut Studio

Additionally, this could also be placed in a number of the other realms if you were looking to take things to different environments. If you used alternating sets of terrain this would work nicely in Ghyran, the realm of life or maybe Hysh, the realm of light. You could cover it with twisting trees that have decided to claim these ruins or magnificent structures which are now protected by the forces of Order, perhaps the new Aelves of the Lumineth Realm-Lords.

Realm Of Heaven Design #2 - Deep Cut Studio

This doesn't mean the mat wouldn't work well in other games as well. I could see this being nice for all manner of different High Fantasy games but the way that the landscape has been built up around this ruin would mean that it would fit something more skirmish based.

It seems like a really good place to stage a scenario too. You could have it so that each of those outer rings have to be occupied by a spellcaster who is looking to unlock either a portal or a vault in the centre of the board. Considering the fact that the stormvaults were recently opened in Age Of Sigmar that would be a nice way to tie it into a current storyline.

Are you tempted to snap up this mat?

"It seems like a really good place to stage a scenario too..."

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