Reaper Miniatures Previews Undead Spirits

February 25, 2015 by stvitusdancern

Reaper  Miniatures upcoming releases for April and May have come from beyond and have shown themselves. In the Dark Legends line for April we get a look at  a Death Shroud, a miniature that would do exceedingly well on a table in either a RPG or a dungeon crawler type game. The second release for May in this line is Moandin, Arch Lich, who is for sure to give all a nightmare or two.

Death Shroud

Moandin, Arch Lich

Both of these miniatures are in heroic scale. If I had room I would have already put them on my list to order when available, heck I may order them anyhow as what self respecting miniatures gamer doesn't already have a mountain of projects?

Do you dare bring these into your home?

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