Red Box Games Try Their Hand At Digital Viking Sculpting

November 18, 2020 by brennon

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Tre Manor of Red Box Games has been trying his hand at something a bit different recently. A new set of Viking miniatures could well be on the way after folks spied some 3D sculpting figures over on social media.

Huscarl - Red Box Games

Huscarl // Red Box Games

The idea of a lot of these sculpts is that they will end up being modular, with a range of different options provided for both arms and of course some heads too. These are still very early in the sculpting stage and may need to be tweaked but it's neat to see someone who previously spent quite a lot of time sculpting by hand, at least trying out a different medium.

As well as the Huscarl above we also got a fellow who was simply named "Weglaf", again sporting a hefty suit of armour.

Weglaf - Red Box Games

Weglaf // Red Box Games

These two previews were then joined by a preview sculpt of a Hirdman here. Again, this is an early preview of what's coming but this looks like a neat option for those wanting to get a cool Viking warband together.

Hirdman - Red Box Games

Hirdman // Red Box Games

If these miniatures get a little more dynamism in their posing over time and we get a look at the various options available for weapons and heads then this could well be a fun kit to play around with. You certainly see a lot of the "Tre Manor" in terms of the faces and detail here even if they're very different from what you'd normally expect.

Are you going to be keeping an eye out for more previews?

"...this could well be a fun kit to play around with"

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