Red Scar Offer Up New Kings Of War 5E Quickstart PDF

August 27, 2019 by brennon

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Red Scar Publishing is coming to Kickstarter later today with their Kings Of War Roleplaying Game and is offering up a new PDF Download so you can give the game a go with a 5E twist.

Kings Of War RPG 5E Quickstart - Red Scar Publishing

This take on the game goes beyond the TriCore mechanics from Red Scar's original roleplaying game and makes it easy to dive into Pannithor and Kings Of War using the tried and tested Dungeons & Dragons 5E rules which most people are probably very used to by now.

  • Leap straight into the action with 5E rules enhanced with heroic options.
  • A summary of Pannithor and its denizens, providing a brief overview of the rich lore that breathes life into the world.
  • A free introductory adventure designed to introduce the GM and players to the fantastic setting and sharp rules.
  • Six pre-generated characters drawn from across Mantica, allowing the GM and players to charge headlong into the action.

A lot of the similar flavour is still there but obviously, this could be a good way to experience Pannithor and Kings Of War if your group doesn't want to learn an entirely new set of mechanics. As well as being presented here as part of the Quickstart Guide there will be full conversion rules available as part of the Kickstarter if they get the funding they need.

Are you going to be giving this alternative a go?

"Are you going to be giving this alternative a go?"

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