Plastic Revenants & Human Cavalry Coming To Oathmark Soon

May 4, 2021 by brennon

North Star Military Figures has announced that new plastic kits are soon to be released for Osprey Games' Oathmark: Battles Of The Lost Age. The big announcement for June was that you'll soon be able to field the martial might of the Revenants alongside your living armies.

Plastic Revenants - Oathmark

Plastic Revenants // Oathmark

Unlike Skeletons and Zombies, Revenants are warriors who have retained much of their autonomy and are almost as powerful in death as they were in life! If you're looking to build an army of the dead that has been raised to defend a kingdom rather than by some crotchety old necromancer, this would be the pack for you.

Designer Michael Anderson put together some of the test models and they are looking very nice indeed. I like the array of weapons you can choose from and the many, many howling undead faces! Much like a lot of the range for Oathmark, it has a certain Tolkienesque quality to it which I absolutely love.

Human Cavalry Plastic & Metal Kits

As well as the news about the Revenants in June, we also got notice that the Human Cavalry kit is going to be available to pre-order soon with a release at the end of May.

Human Cavalry - Oathmark May

Human Cavalry (Metal Riders) // Oathmark

The kit allows you to make a good selection of mounted horsemen to use as part of your human kingdom or a mixed faction. Thanks to the way the kits for Oathmark are made, you could easily do some kitbashing too if you wanted to add in Elven elements for example.

Human Cavalry Sprue - Oathmark

Human Cavalry Sprue // Oathmark

The sprue shows off options for making mounted archers, spearmen and riders wielding regular hand weapons like axes and swords. If you were going to continue with the theme of making an army based on the peoples of Middle-earth, I reckon these would make good Rohirrim!

Human Cavalry Horse Sprue - Oathmark

Human Cavalry Horse Sprue // Oathmark

So, when all put together, you're going to have access to a range of metal riders (seen above) on plastic horses plus the variance of the plastic kit that you see above. Making fifteen riders from a plastic kit is a pretty neat deal and means you can mix and match depending on the unit that you're looking to create.

Human Cavalry Painted - Oathmark

Human Cavalry Painted // Oathmark

They certainly look good once they've been given a good coat of paint. I would love to snap this up and use it to build up an Oathmark force but I still can't get over my fear of painting nags. Do you reckon you're going to be picking these up for use in Oathmark and beyond?

Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

"If you were going to continue with the theme of making an army based on the peoples of Middle-earth, I reckon these would make good Rohirrim! "