Choose Between Riches And Reputation In Among Thieves

April 4, 2019 by cassn

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In Among Thieves, players must work together to extort information from high-level employees in one of the largest corporations in the world. Balance your honour and your greed to ensure you're leaving with the most cash and a solid reputation as an honorable thief!

Each round, one player is selected as a Heistmaster and chooses the team which will go on their mission - other players can make their case for coming along, but ultimately it is up to the Heistmaster to decide. Once the team is chosen, each individual can choose whether to be honorable or dishonorable.

Money (ISK) is gained for each honorable player, however, if some players choose dishonor, the profits are doubled and only given to the dishonorable players. These players then lose honor, and the others gain honor. Too much loss to your reputation and you'll lose your cash and the game!

Among Thieves is from the same publisher who brought us The Resistance, Aeon's End, and Coup, to name just a few. Indie Boards & Cards have intrigue party games down to an art at this point, and Among Thieves provides just as exciting an offering. Among Thieves will be arriving on shelves on Jun 26th, 2019.

Would you choose the honorable or dishonorable path? Tell us below!

"Too much loss to your reputation and you'll lose your cash and the game!"

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