Rise Of Rome Coming Soon As New Swordpoint Supplement

June 27, 2023 by brennon

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Gripping Beast has recently previewed their new supplement coming soon for Swordpoint. A new Ancient expansion book is on the way charting the Rise Of Rome.

Rise Of Rome - Swordpoint

Rise Of Rome // Swordpoint

The pre-orders for the book are a little ways off at the moment but it will, as you have probably guessed, chart the Rise Of Rome. The cover comes from Marco Capparoni and showcases a bloody warrior staking his claim above a mound of dead bodies. How very Roman.

This means you'll want to get your Republican Romans sorted alongside the likes of Carthaginians and Gauls. I'm sure we'll find out just what is getting included in this new supplement very soon.

Swordpoint Sale

It should be noted that as well as a new supplement on the way, there is also a big sale on at the moment covering the entire Swordpoint range.

Swordpoint Sale - Gripping Beast

Swordpoint Sale // Gripping Beast

You can battle in the Medieval period, ride forth with Biblical forces or maybe ride the plains with Genghis Khan. Swordpoint seems to do a decent job of covering Ancient through to Medieval wargaming without much issue so make sure to get a look at their sale if you're tempted to dive in.

Will you be giving Swordpoint a go? Have you been waiting for Rise Of Rome?

"Have you been waiting for Rise Of Rome?"

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