Roleplay In A Fantastical Bronze Age With Jackals In 2021

November 4, 2020 by brennon

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Osprey Games has another roleplaying game being added to its library next year with Jackals by John-Matthew DeFoggi. This book will immerse you in a Fantasy Bronze Age as your heroes quest through the peril-filled land of the Zaharets.

Jackals Bronze Age Fantasy Roleplaying - Osprey Games

Jackals Bronze Age Fantasy Roleplaying // Osprey Games

This new roleplaying game is inspired by the likes of The Iliad, the Epic Of Gilgamesh and the Old Testament. You'll find that it mixes together elements of sword and sorcery with the real history of the Bronze Age. Its mechanics are based within the OpenQuest system and will have you playing as all sorts of different characters looking to find their fortune on the march towards destiny.

Here is some more on the background of Jackals...

"The Zaharets, the land between the Vori Wastes and the Plains of Aeco, is well-known as the Land of Risings. Dominated by the rising city-states of Ameena Noani and Sentem, facing each other along the great War Road, the Zaharets has always been home to powerful civilizations. Beastmen ruins dot the landscape, a constant reminder of the Kingdom of Sin and the fragility of the Law of Men. Even older are the great ruins of the Hulathi, the legendary sea peoples, and the Hannic mansions sealed beneath the mountains, awaiting those who would seek out the Lost Folk. Scars abound from the wars between ruined Keta in the north and Gerwa in the south. And, far to the east, the legends of Muadah still beckon occultists and Jackals who seek to plunder its corrupted ruins."

This does sound like it could be a lot of fun and I love that it's a nice mix between the age of antiquity and fantasy. You'll have quite a lot to peg your stories onto thanks to its ties to the real world but with the option to do something wild too. The art by John McCambridge and Randy Musseau is already looking good if this cover is anything to go by and I am eager to get a good look inside its cover!

What do you think?

"I love that it's a nice mix between the age of antiquity and fantasy..."

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