You Can See Right Through Sally 4th’s New Clear Bases

September 25, 2014 by dracs

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Sally 4th recently released a new set of clear plastic bases for your minis and have now increased this range with larger scale ones suitable for your more massive miniatures.

Sally 4th Clear Bases Warhammer 40k

Sally 4th Clear Bases

We previously saw clear bases being used when Colin came to show off his Battle Systems terrain on the Weekender. The great thing about clear bases is that it negates the need for basing techniques as the terrain can be seen through the model's own base, meaning you'll never have a case where the model has been based for a jungle and is standing in a desert.

One particularly cool thing Sally 4th have done with these is that some, particularly the new larger scale ones, have been designed with Warmachine in mind. This means that they feature a line etched across the middle so you can still keep an eye on facings.

Warmachine Clear Bases

I personally think that clear bases are a great idea, making the model feel a little less static as the terrain changes beneath them as they move. However, for some I could imagine them taking away from part of the fun of modelling the miniature and their shiny appearance could be a little distracting.

Do you think Sally 4th's clear bases are a good idea, or do you prefer to base your miniatures yourself?

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