Scale75 Introduce New FLOWW Oil Paint Series For Hobbyists

March 16, 2022 by brennon

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Scale75 has added a new FLOWW Oil Paint collection to their webstore for you to have a pop at. A lot of folks are starting to use these more regularly (although of course, they have been a staple of painting set-ups for a while!) so this might be time to dive in and try them out.

Floww Core - Scale75

FLOWW Core // Scale75

The collection has been designed as a versatile and intense set of oil-based paints that can be used on your miniatures and scenery. There is a selection of options for you to choose from too starting with the FLOWW Core Set (above).

If you want added vibrancy then you can also pick up the FLOWW Primary Set that offers up some more punchy colours.

Floww Primary - Scale75

FLOWW Primary // Scale75

There is also a pair of more specialised FLOWW sets that have been designed for more specific purposes. The first of these is the FLOWW Skin Set which comes with a variety of tones for getting your faces just right.

Floww Skin - Scale75

FLOWW Skin // Scale75

You'll also note that each of the sets also comes with a guide that explores how to use these paints and make the best use of them. I haven't tried oil paints myself but I've seen a fair few folks on YouTube starting to make it a more regular part of their painting arsenal.

The last set turns its attention to more natural tones with the FLOWW Scenery pack.

Floww Scenery - Scale75

FLOWW Scenery // Scale75

These seem like they could be quite nifty and with six paints in each pack, there are quite a few different options for you to play around with. You can even buy the FLOWW Full Set that comes with Thinner and a Wooden Palette alongside their Double-Dipper.

Are you tempted to try out this set of Scale75 paints?

"You'll also note that each of the sets also comes with a guide that explores how to use these paints..."

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