Go Back To School: Adventures & Academia Live On Kickstarter!

December 1, 2021 by fcostin

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Are you ready to head back to school? Whether you are looking to take your 5e character back to the books or create a new character entirely. Adventures & Academia: First Class is now up on Kickstarter, taking players into the magical halls of a mystical school as they enrol into mischief.

Adventures In - Image One

First Class Pledge // Adventures & Academia: First Class

Steamforged Games have put up a short campaign for the release of their new RPG campaign. Teaming up with Painting Polygons to create some truly fantastic characters to start their magical adventure - starting behind a desk and mastering their abilities!

First Class Pledge - Steamforged Games

There are tons of goodies available as part of the campaign, and a limited amount of time for you to snap it up! If players pitch in, they will get their hands on 12 different student minis, 1 exclusive Professor Dog, 13 Exclusive Character Folios, and PDF Battle Maps, Character sheets and a One-Shot Adventure.

Print Read Downloads - Steamforged Games

There is only one pledge at £30, and no stretch goals to be unlocked given the campaign only has six days left already. However, if you did want to snap up some themed dice as an add-on for £9, there is an option.

Basset Hound - Image

Kickstarter Exclusive // Adventures & Academia Kickstarter Campaign

Exclusive to the Kickstarter, backers can get their hands on a Basset Hound Professor who is cross-compatible with the worlds of Animal Adventures too. So if you are a fan of journeying to Gullet Cove, and keen on travelling to the Faraway Sea. This Basset Hound Professor might be in need of a holiday!

Fulfilment is looking at the back-end of next year, with new resin-cast miniatures being manufactured and a new adventure taking all magical creatures back to the drawing board - and a chance to bring you kids along adventuring with you!

Will you be backing Adventures & Academia: First Class?

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