Seb Games Release Beta Rules For Sci-Fi Wargame, Exo Alliance ’42

April 13, 2023 by brennon

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Seb Games have released a set of Beta Rules for their new Pulp Sci-Fi wargame, Exo Alliance '42. Designed as a fast-paced 28mm skirmish game, Seb Games are inviting wargamers to download the rules and give them a go so they can make them as good as they can be!

Exo Alliance 42

Exo Alliance '42 - Seb Games

Download The FREE Beta Rules

Here is the setting for the clashes coming in Exo Alliance '42...

"December 1941, UFOs join the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour bringing the USA into WWII. The Axis powers have a new member, aliens called Vatari, fleeing a dying world, and hailed by the Third Reich as the true master race. The newcomers threaten to turn the tide of the war, but shortly thereafter, the fall of the Allies is averted by the arrival of a second alien species, the Skarn, mortal enemies of the Vatari, who are also fleeing the same dying planet. The stage is set. Will the Vatari, with their advanced Vril technology, change the course of history, or will the numerically superior Skarn help save the day?"

Aliens? Check. Alternative timelines? Check. A strange new technology that changes the course of the war? Check! I am already liking the sound of Earth becoming a battleground for two alien races to sort out their issues. Tying it into World War II also means that you get to play around with lots of Pulpy Weird World War vibes as well as going hard on the Sci-Fi at the same time.

The rules, available above in Beta form, have been designed to allow you to play out a platoon-level experience on the tabletop. World War II troops can be joined by alien troops and vehicles meaning that you can play out some super weird battles and have plenty of fun converting miniatures at the same time.

Exo Alliance '42 Miniatures

As well as a new set of rules, Exo Alliance '42 is going to feature a range of miniatures. Sculpted by Alessio "Wolfbaneart", a few miniatures have already hit the work-in-progress desk and they are looking pretty awesome!

Skarn Trooper - Seb Games

Skarn Trooper // Seb Games

The Skarn look to be the focus of Alessio at the moment, the good guys that have come to aid the Allies during World War II. I like that the design aesthetic for these alien races isn't typical of what you'd expect. Who would have thought that you'd get some pig-faced "orcish" fellows fighting alongside the good guys whilst the "elves" fight for the bad guys? Hold on, that sounds about right actually.

The Skarn Sergeant has also been finished as you can see below and is looking rather flashy indeed!

Skarn Sergeant - Seb Games

Skarn Sergeant // Seb Games

I like the old-school nature of these miniatures and it will be fun to see what happens once people start to build these miniatures into their World War II collections. There are full army lists in the Beta Rules alongside scenarios and more so there is plenty to be playtesting!

Could you be tempted to try out another Pulpy Weird World War game like Exo Alliance '42?

"As well as a new set of rules, Exo Alliance '42 is going to feature a range of miniatures..."

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