Sing Out Hymns For Artel W’s New Sculpts

March 31, 2019 by dracs

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Artel W have shown off some new, upcoming sculpts they are working on for Sci-Fi, gothic worlds. First, we meet Bernard da Neufmarke, the Master of Hymns.

Bernard brings along his own mighty organ (stop sniggering!) with which to extol the troops in a cheerful sing-song. Meanwhile, his acolyte carries a massive hymn book on his back, should Bernard ever forget the words.

Meanwhile, for when you fancy something a little less harmonious, two space orc sculpts have also been revealed.

The first one here is the Kammander of the Skwat'n'Rekkon Skwad. He looks every inch the orc boss, ready to lead with an iron hand. Or claw. The other is a character named Morggot Da Mozt Kunnin'.

Now, arguably there is nothing less orcy than a sniper. Precise death from afar isn't exactly the greenskin way. However, I absolutely love this character. He's an orc who's going against the grain to fight his way.

Which of these characters are you most interested in?

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