Soar The Skies With New Aeronautica Imperialis Releases At Forge World

June 17, 2021 by fcostin

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It has been eerily quiet on the Aeronautica Imperialis front... but do not fret! Forge World has recently added some new special air units for Aeronautica Imperialis, and they are available to buy now. Unleashing some destructive, defensive and intelligent airborne vehicles into the mix, all beneficial to both grounded targets and airborne enemies.

Marauder Colossus Bombers // Aeronautica Imperialis

Say goodbye to your regular bomb and move your Marauder Bomber out of the way, and make way for the ridiculously savage colossus bomb attached to the Marauder Colossus Bombers.

"Unleash the fury of the Imperial Navy’s Marauder Colossus with this set, which includes two of their number armed with a massive bomb, and an array of turrets for aerial defence."

Marauder Pathfinders // Aeronautica Imperialis

Need an upgrade? The Marauder Pathfinders work as support, swapping out the Marauder Bomber's bomb bay, with a bank of electrical goodies to use against your foes.

"Outthink and outplan your opponents with the Imperial Navy's Marauder Pathfinder. Equipped with an array of sensor probes, it lets your squadron stay one step ahead of enemy aircraft."

Remora Drones // Aeronautica Imperialis

If you are looking for infantry support drones, not only do the Remora Drones protect the health and lives of pilots, but are equipped with some nasty weaponry. Including burst cannons and seeker missiles, deadly and stealthy to all enemies around.

"Add speed and manoeuvrability to your T'au Air Cast squadrons with the Remora Drone. Easily dance around enemy aircraft while your Barracudas and Tiger Sharks take up their optimal positions."

These incredible airborne units are now available to be purchased on Forge World, so get on over quick before they have disappeared heading into the horizon.

Are you going to be getting these new Aeronautica Imperialis units? 

"Say goodbye to your regular bomb and make way for the ridiculously savage colossus bomb!"

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