What Spectre is Looming Over the Next Bond Film?

December 4, 2014 by dracs

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The poster for the next Bond movie has appeared as the super spy is set to star in Spectre!


Now my initial, and very geeky, reaction to hearing this title was "Awesome! James Bond meets The Spectre!"

Bond and Spectre

Admit it, you'd watch that.

That was until a friend of mine pointed out what it's more likely to mean which is even more exciting. You see SPECTRE was the terrorist organisation who Bond faced previously, led by none other than this guy.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld

When you realise this a few other things start to appear. The bullet hole on the poster, for example, bears a slight resemblance to the SPECTRE logo.


So, it's looking very much as though James Bond is once again going up against his old nemsis. Given that the Daniel Craig movies have been a prequel series to the character (although if you try to factor in the continuity of Judi Dench as M you will give yourself a headache) this could perhaps be an exploration of the famous 00 agent's first encounter with the organisation!

All in all I am pretty hyped for this prospect. It's great seeing the modern Bond movies acknowledge their roots, while doing something new with them. Also the team behind Skyfall will be behind this, and that was in my opinion one of the best Bond movies in recent years. I just hope we will still get a megalomaniacal genius stroking a cat.

Are you a Bond fan? What do you hope to see in this new movie?

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