Stomp & Slime With New Monsterpocalypse Releases

August 23, 2021 by brennon

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Privateer Press continue to reveal new options for those diving into the Pulp fun of Monsterpocalypse. If you enjoy monsters smashing their way through cities then this is a game well worth a peek. They have plenty of fun and unique monsters for you to take control of.

Gakura - Monsterpocalypse

Gakura // Monsterpocalypse

The first of the creatures is for the Empire Of The Apes. Gakura takes plenty of cues from the likes of King Kong I think you'll agree but I do like all of the detail that has been worked into the sculpt. The newest edition of Monsterpocalypse stepped away from pre-painted miniatures which means they were able to go to town with the sculpts.

You could paint up a very nice version of Gakura with the use of an airbrush or you could go traditional with a brush and a good application of drybrushing techniques. The subway train being used as a whip is an inspired addition.

The second of the miniatures is for The Waste and comes in the form of Slingoozer.

Slingoozer - Monsterpocalypse

Slingoozer // Monsterpocalypse

You can do a lot with ooze and I think Slingoozer here feels like they could have been the main foe in some 90s kids movie. Again, a very nice sculpt which would look really good when painted up using some fun techniques. You could get stuck in with glowing paints, use technical options to make them glisten or perhaps go with a different colour entirely.

Both of these options build on the core of Monsterpocalypse and offer up new ways to play the game.

Are you going to be snapping these up for use in the game?

"...a very nice sculpt which would look really good when painted up using some fun techniques"

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