A Mighty Storm Dragon Takes Shape For AntiMatter Games’ ShadowSea

November 15, 2018 by brennon

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We saw artwork for AntiMatter Games' mighty Storm Dragon not long ago but this monstrous creature is now becoming a reality as you'll see in this render.

Storm Dragon - AntiMatter Games

This masterful beast is part of one of the scenarios for you to play out in your games and I think they've done a great job of realising the creature so far. Now, obviously, this is a Wyvern...but I'm not going to nitpick as the rendering work is already looking superb.

Storm Dragon (Rear) - AntiMatter Games

I really like the additional 'undersea' pieces that have been crafted onto the miniature like the frill and the small tendrils which you'd associated with some sea creatures. I hope that some of the patternings on the wings remain in the final sculpt as well as it will make painting those wings so much easier.

What do you make of their work on the Storm Dragon?

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