The Survivalist Joins Wargames Illustrated’s Giants In Miniature

December 9, 2019 by brennon

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Wargames Illustrated has been showing off a pair of new miniatures for their Giants In Miniature collection. The first of these is one that has popped up recently, 'JT' The Survivalist. This fellow looks prepped for the Post-Apocalypse.

JT The Survivalist - Wargames Illustrated

Here is the background behind this particular character...

"J.T. is the ultimate survivor. Medically qualified, ex-covert ops and a renowned weapons specialist, he has taken steps to ensure the survival of himself and his family no matter what the cost. With a mountain retreat and a stockpile of food, weapons and ammunition, he was ready. Except the End War started when he was a long way from home, cut off from those he loved by thousands of miles of devastation, violent desperadoes and crazed despots. Yet he has the skills and abilities needed to make it through, and the will to get home. If you get in his way, you’re going to pay…"

So, this fellow seems like a nice character to throw into the mix if the robots/zombies/aliens are coming to try and destroy your way of life. I like the idea that maybe he would be a neat character to see popping up at random during games, another factor that your warband will have to consider.

Vampire Hunting

As well as that fellow from the future we've also got a classic vampire hunter in the mix in the form of Van Helsing.

Van Helsing - Wargames Illustrated

Folks know about the history of Van Helsing but if you're not familiar with this slayer then here is a little more...

"Abraham Van Helsing is a scholar of evil, who hunts down and destroys the undead, the creatures of the night which prey upon humanity in their quest for blood. To Van Helsing, the vampire is a hell-borne travesty of the person it once was, a soulless killing machine. His greatest foe is the foul Dracula, one of the most depraved of an evil race, who is happy to take any life, young or old, to nourish himself and satisfy his malicious need to corrupt the innocents he encounters. Van Helsing himself is ruthless, protected by his Faith and the knowledge he has gathered, sacrificing his own happiness in pursuit of the Dark Forces which plague the world."

So, if you're looking for a slayer or a survivor you've got some neat new options in the mix from Wargames Illustrated. JT has a rather stubby looking rifle which doesn't quite look like a good fit in terms of proportions but overall the range is looking fun.

What do you think?

"So, if you're looking for a slayer or a survivor you've got some neat new options in the mix from Wargames Illustrated..."

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