Meet More Of Sven’s Gang From Dunkeldorf Miniatures

April 14, 2021 by brennon

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King Games are coming back to Kickstarter soon with their next Dunkeldorf Miniatures campaign. We have been able to meet more of the 28mm Fantasy miniatures that will make up Sven's Gang, wandering the streets and making a name for themselves!

Claudia Hinkel - Dunkeldorf Miniatures

Claudia Hinkel // Dunkeldorf Miniatures

Claudia's uncle runs a barber-surgeons and many of Sven's gang end up there when things get bloody. She seems like a capable character in her own right too, armed with a seriously deadly looking crossbow that is ready to pin people to walls.

Claudia is also entwined with another member of the gang, Arnold. Her uncle is convinced that Arnold has dragged Claudia into this life of crime and he's never really let him forget it. You might notice that Arnold is missing an arm that probably didn't need to be amputated! Well, that's what Arnold says anyway. I love that we're getting so much background to these characters and the world of Dunkeldorf.

We also got another look at the mastermind behind the criminal goings-on in Dunkeldorf, Sven Wentzel.

Sven Wentzel - Dunkeldorf Miniatures

Sven Wentzel // Dunkeldorf Miniatures

This is the kingpin himself. He has been plotting and planning for many years under the guise of a brewer. Now, during the Mond Festival, Sven is going to put his greatest plan of all into play with an eye for controlling all of the underworld connections in Dunkeldorf. He also has a plan to make sure that those Halflings at The Prancing Peacock get their comeuppance!

Witch Hunters & Mercenaries

Lastly, we also got a peek at some of the other miniatures coming to Dunkeldorf during this Kickstarter. There might be many a criminal stalking the streets but there are also plenty of Witch Hunters and Mercenaries too.

Witch Hunters - Dunkeldorf Miniatures

Witch Hunters // Dunkeldorf Miniatures

These Witch Hunters, led by Engel Hexerspur, are on the hunt for mutants. She is also joined by Johannes Konrad Koch and a band of mercenaries who are ready to cut off heads and burn people for their heretical views! More sculpts are coming to support this "faction" and I can't wait to see them.

I have a gaming group that I reckon would be very well represented by the miniatures from this Kickstarter. I am very eager to pick up some of these miniatures so I can paint them up to match my group!

Are you tempted by the previews for this next Dunkeldorf Kickstarter?

"I am very eager to pick up some of these miniatures so I can paint them up to match my group! "

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