Tactile Trees Grow On The Tabletop In Kodama 3D Kickstarter

May 26, 2019 by cassn

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Kodama, the hit game where players are tree spirits in charge of helping their tiny twig blossom into a beautiful tree, is reaching out its branches into a 3D tabletop game! Keep your tree green and thriving, and make it home to all sorts of mushrooms, flowers and happy critters!


Kodama: The Tree Spirits was originally released by Indie Boards & Cards back in 2016, followed by the two-player standalone game Kodama: Duo in 2018. Now, Kodama 3D brings a new, tactile format to the classic game with a new, modular tree design.


Kodama is incredibly easy to learn and play, and has a beautiful tabletop presence which distinguishes it from other games with similar drafting mechanics. Perhaps unsurprisingly the Kodama 3D Kickstarter has already funded and is now locking a range of stretch goals.


There are also a range of add-ons which can be joined with your pledge, including the original Kodama releases and a very pretty neoprene play mat. Head on over to the Kodama 3D Kickstarter for further information!

Have you played Kodama yet? Let us know what you think!

"Keep your tree green and thriving!"

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