Take Your Bunny Kingdom To The Sky

May 11, 2019 by dracs

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Iello have announced that Bunny Kingdom In The Sky, the expansion to Richard Garfield's game Bunny Kingdom, is now available from local game stores.

Bunny Kingdom In The Sky sees the game about cute, cuddly bunnies going out and conquering the new world in the name of their big-eared rabbit overlord head up into the clouds. It brings with it a new board based around this new sky kingdom, as well as new mechanics including an option for a fifth player.

As head-scratching as the concept of this game might be, the art of that box has instantly drawn me in. I could imagine this being the sort of game that would be a lot of fun with the right friend group, as you all make jokes about riding chocobos over rainbows as you settle this strange new world.

What would you name your Bunny Kingdom? 

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