The Churning Fiends Of The Meat Grinder Posse Hit WWX

March 30, 2020 by brennon

Warcradle Studios has been showing off a new posse for those diving into the world of Wild West Exodus. Here we have the Meat Grinder Posse which looks like the perfect option for those who want something grim and nasty to bring into the mix.

Meat Grinder Posse - Wild West Exodus

Here is quite the multitude of awesome goodies for you to be tinkering around with. Inside the set, you've got the options for Kyle The Black, Virgil Earp and then a bunch of additional wandering creatures who have been warped and twisted into unlife. That's where the Constructed Menials and Constructed Henchmen.

Meat Grinder Posse Alt - Wild West Exodus

If you want to try and find out more about this particular posse then you can dive in and explore their fluff HERE. As always, the team from Warcradle Studios has been venturing into plenty of awesome background for their wide and varied world.

What do you make of the Meat Grinder Posse?

"What do you make of the Meat Grinder Posse?"

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