The World Of Degenesis Grows! The Clan Wars From Six More Vodka

April 27, 2023 by avernos

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Back in 2021 I discovered the RPG Denegesis from SixMoreVodka and was absolutely blown away by both the world-building, narrative, and the art design behind the game. On top of that the plan to present it free right here in perpetuity. Well now the folks over at SMV are working on a miniatures game within that glorious world they have created Clan Wars.


Being that the folks over at SMV are heavily into building a community they have been teasing what is coming through in world transmissions that need to be decoded along with real-world goals of tags, subscriptions to the Discord, sign-ups to the Kickstarter notifications and over the last week or so we've eeked out the following information about the game. (by we I mean people who are good at finding and deciphering codes)

Steelbeam // Kickstarter Sign Up

The game will be an Asymmetric semi-cooperative tactical wargame set within the world of Degenesis. The game is coming to Kickstarter with 13 starting characters and 12 more planned through expansions. A heavy emphasis on story missions and a narrative campaign is exactly what I would expect from SMV being so heavily invested in the world they have built it makes sense to explore every nook and cranny that may lurk within the world. There will be both a campaign map and tactical battle maps which is intriguing. Will the game play more like a traditional skirmish game on the tabletop, or are they making it accessible for people who incorrectly play RPGs with miniatures, time will tell?

No word on when this post-apocalyptic Kickstarter is due to arrive but updates are coming thick and fast, and if you don't do the social media thing all of the information is being collected on the Clan Wars Discord with reveals and live streams planned it's a very exciting time to revisit the world of Denegesis, or if this is your first contact with the primer then it may already be too late for you!

The Protectorate Must Prevail

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